On a more serious note, how to get Adium default font color to stick.

I love Adium, but this bug drives me wall-jumping nuts: the default font color setting doesn't fucking work; it reverts to black or whatever the template default is every damn time. At one point someone posted this workaround on the forums, but it's not there any more, so here it is in case I forget it again:

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Note: Attempt more conventional methods such as running a disk utility BEFORE using this method. This method may render them you less effective. Don't blame me if you jumped the gun.

STEP 1: Have on hand the following:
-1 glass. A mug or plastic cup will do in a pinch. The glass can be any style, but should be a size that is comfortable to lift and hold in the hand.
- 1 or more 8 oz cans Coca-Cola. Bottled is also acceptable.
- 1 bottle Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Exact amount depends on personal tolerance.
- 1 teaspoon

STEP 2: Fill the glass approximately 1/4 of the way with Jack Daniels.

STEP 3: Add Coca-Cola to taste.

STEP 4: Stir.

STEP 5: Imbibe.

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Mostly Fonziespam. Because she is mangy and hideous most of the time and I feel bad for her.

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I can go places without asking for a ride or to borrow someone else's car!

I can tune my radio to my iPod frequency and leave the volume turned up!

I can scoot the seat almost the whole way forward and nobody will move it!

My car is sexy. And buying it involved about .25% of the paperwork of buying a cell phone in Japan.

...Of course, the day I got the car, my glasses broke in half and are unfixable. Much like my old car, they were the height of unfashion, but I liked them, and I could use them for seeing, and now I am wearing my pair from when I was 10 years old which are sillier looking and even further off my current prescription.

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Me: Hello, I kinda ordered a car through you and ...

Him: Oh, yes, I remember you! Ha ha ha! How you doin'?

Me: Well, I'm kinda in need of that car.

Him: I believe the build date is the end of February, ninety days like we said!

Me: Actually, ninety days ended last week.

Him: ....... Why so it did. Ummm, hang on. ..... ummm. ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN! And ninety days was just an estimate after all, so....

Me: No, it was the absolute upper limit. I arranged everything counting on having that car for the new semester. I need it.

Him: Ummm... if it helps, actually, the car is built and just sitting around in Siberia or something.


Him: Let me reassure you by gabbling on about the economy and related nonsense about how hard things are for me!

Me: I will feast upon the entrails of your firstborn. AND TAKE HIS CAR.
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There are contexts in which I just don't care to be reminded of my inadequacies, and my paternal grandmother is one of them.

She's a scrupulously tidy, no-nonsense, strict and perfectly organized lady, and through a combination of this and random things in the distant past, I can't be around her without feeling like a filth-smeared seven-year-old who's just broken something expensive. She just makes me feel ashamed and awkward and not good enough. Even though she has long since ceased to treat me this way (and even when she did it was as much a result of her own life stress as anything else) I CAN'T GET OVER IT.

So I wish my family would figure out I feel awful enough about losing something she sent me, and wouldn't scold and tease me about it. Anything else and I really wouldn't mind. JUST NOT HER.
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I had a good time in Japan.

The conference actually had some interesting parts and some interesting people, though it reinforced my hatred of Tokyo. I'm not at all a city person and being surrounded by a constant crush of people and high buildings gives me heebie jeebies.

It felt great to get out and see kikuko_kamimura in Saitama. We only had a really short time but we got some shopping and okonomiyaki food and sang two hours of karaoke. I wish I could've stayed longer.

It was great going back "home" too. Sometimes going back somewhere feels really miserable, but this wasn't one of those times. Everybody said the same thing: it's been a long time but it doesn't feel like it. Even one of my old neighbors waved and said hi.

I met the new teacher who replaced me and I like her enormously. We actually hung out at the bar both nights I was there. Sadly (but not surprisingly) the school isn't doing too well due to the shit the corporate idiots were pulling last summer.

It's too bad. Sure there was some bad shit, but I really want the best for the school and everybody. The bitterness I feel towards a few money-grubbing fuckheads is outweighed by the fact that I really did like the town, my job and most of my students. Oh well.

My flights and all were okay, but I'm exhausted as I think I've mentioned about a hundred times, and really miserably sick. END.
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I'm in Tokyo and the conference is over; I finally shelled out ¥1000 for a bloody day of internet at this extremely cushy hotel (the cheaper the hotel the more likely things like internet, coffee and toilet paper will be free).

kikuko_kamimura, you still want to do stuff tomorrow? Suggestions? Shall I come there? My only restrictions are having a couple of (small but rather heavy) luggages and.... I'm supposed to buy some Totoro merchandise for a lady's kid.

しぶいフォークギター大好き!! 一緒に来たら良かった。 ;_; I should have MORE internets from now on.

Oh, and I could post NaNo sometime too.

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I was all headachy and dumb today, so I don't have enough to do a real Nano post (I'm at 23,805 just this second) and I didn't study kanji either. I did, however, decide to resolve this burning question.

For those of you dodging the filter, it's been pointed out to me that a baby in my fine masterpiece changes its sex because I forgot and wasn't paying attention because it is mentioned a grand total of twice. Nevertheless I think the two mentions ought to agree, so help me out and click a box?

Poll #1297093 Sex Change

So: which IS the poor sex-changing baby?


As I mentioned, the sex of the poor thing has literally no bearing on the story, as the only thing it ever properly does is DIE.

Also, why are all the hotels in my Japanese hometown booked on the 22nd? WTF is going on? Oh well, I'll kick around and spend a night in Nagoya or something.


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You know what history does best? It repeats itself.

But at least I learn from experience!

1. I waited until I had a golf ball sized swelling and intense screaming pain to visit the ER, in other words waiting until it GOT worse instead of going as a precaution when it wasn't so bad and having to come back.

2. I ate a sandwich before heading to the ER. Waiting your turn (which you have to do if you aren't critical, and that's exactly as it should be don't get me wrong) is much easier when you are not fainting from hunger.

3. I can't remember what else I was going to say because PERCOCET IS AWESOME.
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Tomorrow is October! That means a month from tomorrow is November! You know what that means!


I need to even up my score; I've got three losses to two wins.
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Nissan Guy: Most people nowadays want air conditioning --

Me: I want air conditioning, yeah.

Nissan Guy: And an automatic transmission, even though...

Me: Actually, I'd prefer a manual.

Nissan Guy: You know, they're not really more efficient any more, since the development of blah blah.

Me: No, I just want one.

Nissan Guy: Well, if you just like shifting....

Me: Yes. I like shifting.

NIssan Guy: Really, most people do prefer an automatic, although I guess the manual transmission is $1000 cheaper....

Me: I really like $1000 cheaper.

Nissan Guy: So you'd prefer the automatic.

Me: I'm starting to prefer the Toyota.
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TO SWITCH TO VERTICAL TEXT (going from top to bottom, right to left) IN NEO OFFICE WRITER:

- open "Styles and Formatting"

- click on "Page Styles" tab

- right click on "Default" style

- click "Modify"

- box pops up and should have the "Page" tab open

- select the dropdown menu "Text Direction" and change it to "Right-to-left (vertical)"

- WRITE THIS DOWN SO YOU DON'T FORGET AGAIN and spend hours fruitlessly searching NeoOffice Help and the stupid internet including the freaking WIKI which are both totally fucking useless and only tell you how to do vertical text boxes when I know perfectly well there is an option to switch the whole document aguuughhghh.
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I figured I'd take a few shots for posterity.

One crunched bunch of metal.Collapse )

It's going into the shop tomorrow to see if it can be salvaged at all. If not then this is goodbye. It was a great little car that never gave me a moment's trouble (that I didn't cause, that is). Sorry this had to happen to you, man.

My neck hurts a lot less today, although it still doesn't like me craning my head around. All good.
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I had a car accident today, but at least:

1) It wasn't my fault (the girl in front of me that I bumped into yelled at me at first, but she apologized -- it was the guy behind me that slammed me into her) <-- ETA THAT SOUNDS LIKE PORN

2) There was no blood, death, or ambulances required

3) It's Friday and I don't actually have to go anywhere for a few days

4) It happened after my kanji quiz and not before, since I'm pretty sure getting in a wreck is no excuse for missing class.

On the other hand:

1) I undoubtedly got the worst of it, and my car is way fucked up

2) I have whiplash and my neck is really starting to hurt like a bitch (maybe I should've had somebody check it at the scene but it didn't really hurt then and some hysterical passer-by was freaking out trying to put me in traction which was way overkill)

3) The tow truck guy tried to make small talk by asking if I went to [local high school]

4) I miswrote the top right part of 治 and could really kick myself for it.
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